2.4.2020 Industry Brief

Hi! This is a big week for me. This week, I go back to work the day before my daughter turns three months old. It’s crazy to think about all that has happened over the last 13 weeks and I’m here with mixed emotions of extreme gratitude (wow, I got 13 amazing weeks to be home with my baby) but also anxiety (wow, how is maternity leave already over?).  I’m about to start a new routine, learn how to be away from her all day, make room in my brain for work-mode…plus a start a new commute to a new office with new team members (note: start-up life means constant change – you miss a lot in 13 weeks!).  And because I’m apparently a glutton for change, we also moved last week so there’s a new apartment in the mix, too!

But life is meant to be lived so I need to embrace these changes. I went to a yoga class recently and the instructor ended class with something that I can’t stop thinking about: “Blessed me or poor me. Every day it is your choice.” It really stuck with me. Perspective, the narrative in our heads – this is our reality.  Today I choose blessed. I’m grateful for the time I had with her, grateful for my village – because we know it takes a village – and grateful for the opportunities I have to live life fully.

WISH ME LUCK (or whatever all you wise working mamas who have gone before me know I’ll need).

So, ANYWAY aside from all THAT, I thought it’d be a good time to catch up this week 🙂 Here is some industry news from the last few weeks. Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headlines.

Brands + Retailers

Alphabet breaks down revenue by business division for the first time.  Fast Company

Coronoavirus quarantine will ripple through global manufacturing.  The Wall Street Journal

Is the consumer goods industry ready for the new world of work? McKinsey

Get ready for a DTC shakeup in 2020.  VentureBeat

How Under Armour lost its edge.  The New York Times

The CEO of Ralph Lauren is surprisingly excited about people not owning their clothes.  Fast Company 

How Ganni used tech-world tricks to grow from cult fashion table to a global brand. Fortune 

In Paris, ecommerce warehouses get a chic makeover.  Wired

Forever 21 reaches $81M deal to sell its retail business to US mall owners and Authentic Brands. CNBC

Amazon Prime’s numbers and influence continue to grow.  Fortune

Dying malls? This one has found a way to thrive.  The New York Times 

Ikea offers data controls for consumers.  The Wall Street Journal

Consumer goods maker Reynolds raises $1.2B in IPO.  MarketWatch

Apple closes Chinese stores. The Wall Street Journal

Nordstrom to launch secondhand fashion sales.  Washington Post

Retailers get serious about sustainability.  Forbes

Marketing Stuff 

When community becomes your competitive advantage.  HBR

These five brands saw biggest boost on Amazon during and after the Super Bowl.  AdWeek

What the death of third party cookies means for retailers.  Modern Retail

Netflix’s ‘The Goop Lab’ is branded content and maybe the future of media.  Fast Company

Aerie has become the go-to brand partner for celebrities with a mission.  Fashionista

TIkTok was just pulled into a years-long fight between Snap and Facebook.  CNBC

Inside Prada’s pop-up private club.  The New York Times

In a new milestone, the internet will account for half of ad spend in 2020. AdAge

Estee Lauder, Sephora debut shoppable makeup try-ons on Pinterest.  RetailDive

Innovation + Emerging Tech

How to run a business in 2020.  The New York Times

The new business of garbage.  HBR

ASOS trials AR tool that allows you to see dresses on models sized 4 to 18.  Evening Standard 

The gym of the future will be virtual, gamified and totally immersive.  Fast Company

This startup wants to help indie booksellers combat Amazon.  Wired

Streaming services entertain pets, distract pet parents.  The New York Times

Google tests photo printing subscription service.  Fortune

Other Fun Stuff 

Benedict Evan’s “Tech in 2020” Deck  – Really interesting overview of Benedict Evan’s predictions and point of view. It’s also very easy to digest which is a plus for my current state of mom brain. 


Weekly Industry Brief: 10.28.2019

Happy Monday! Here is a recap of industry news from the last week. Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands + Retailers

    • LVMH bids $14.5B for Tiffany.  Bloomberg
    • Barney’s moves forward with sale to Authentic Brands Group.  The Wall Street Journal
    • Amazon stock tumbles after earnings and AWS revenues fall short of estimates.  Fast Company
    • Microsoft wins $10B Pentagon cloud contract, beating Amazon.  Fortune
    • Macy’s becomes the biggest US retailer to end fur sales.  The Guardian
    • Twitter stock plunges as company blames ad targeting problems for earnings miss. MarketWatch
    • Visa, Mastercard debut one-click checkout to compete with PayPal, Apple Pay.  Bloomberg
    • Mega-mall opens in New Jersey with more entertainment than retail.  Fast Company
    • Birchbox is looking beyond beauty for its next phase of growth.  CNBC
    • Playing the handbag stock market.  The New York Times 
    • The Body Shop builds sales with return to green roots.  WWD
    • Procter & Gamble beats expectations again amid media hikes and agency cuts.  AdAge
    • How Dick’s Sporting Goods is building a future on sports, not guns.  Fortune
    • Amazon pop-up helps shoppers find the perfect pair of jeans.  WWD
    • First Aid Beauty’s founder on being acquired by P&G.  WWD
    • Report says Google parent company, Alphabet, makes offer for Fitbit.  Fortune

Social Media + Marketing

    • Dior, Snapchat create AR experiences to back luggage collection created with Rimowa.  AdWeek
    • Gap focuses on digital with a holiday campaign that won’t air on TV.  AdAge
    • Facebook rolls out a stand-alone news service in its mobile app. AdWeek
    • Amazon ad sales show marked slow down.  MediaPost
    • Snapchat’s third quarter brings big gains.  AdWeek
    • Kind gets 18M views in less than a day on TikTok.  AdAge
    • 12 important updates made by Instagram this year.  Social Media Today
    • Snapchat makes sharing content easier.  The Drum
    • How programmatic disruption is creating a fourth era of digital marketing.  AdWeek

Start up + Acquisitions + Emerging Tech

    • Target incubator propels mission-driven Gen Z startups into the marketplace.  Fortune
    • Apple is revamping it’s smart home efforts after falling behind Amazon and Google.  AdAge
    • London’s top consumer VC’s share which trends they’re tracking.  TechCrunch
    • Combining StitchFix and Instagram, FlipFit ushers in the next phase of social retail.  TechCrunch
    • Why Target won’t be rolling out in-store robots.  CNN
    • VW is betting big on electric.  Bloomberg
    • Google search is starting to use machine-based learning.  Google

Weekly Industry Brief: 8.26.2019

Happy Monday! Here is a recap of industry news from the last week.  As always, sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

P.S. With a new season upon us I’m feeling reflective and setting new goals. If you have any feedback for me on this weekly recap, let me know! I want to hear it all – good/bad/ugly. 

Brands + Retailers

  • Disney teams up with Target to store displays in holiday grab.  AdAge
  • Stock market tanks after Trump ‘hereby orders’ American companies to find alternatives to China.  Fast Company
  • Target’s digital, in-store investments paid off in Q2.  CNBC
  • Barneys seeks partner for digital, experience-focused future.  Bloomberg 
  • Walgreens expands Kroger grocery to more drugstores.  Forbes
  • Major fashion companies sign pact vowing to reduce industry’s environmental impact.  Forbes
  • The trendiest fitness class now: working out alone at home.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Macy’s is getting into clothing subscription and resale markets.  CNBC
  • Target is launching grocery brand Good & Gather in bid to boost its food business.  CNBC
  • WeWork isn’t a tech company. Here’s why that matters.  Harvard Business Review 
  • Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg sold over $23M worth of shares. Yahoo Finance
  • Amazon launching a new program to donate unsold products.  CNBC
  • This snack curator for Google is one of the most powerful people in food.  Fast Company
  • Amazon has proven unable or unwilling to effectively police third-party sellers on its site.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Welcome to the promoconomy: the competitive online marketplace of coupon codes and loyalty programs.  The New York Times 
  • Inside the wild, shockingly lucrative world of sneaker reselling.  GQ
  • Beautycon evolves beyond makeup. Fast Company
  • AllBirds steps into apparel with sustainable socks.  Wired
  • Sweetgreen now has a healthy salad for your dog.  Fast Company
  • Google falls to third place in worldwide smart speaker market.  TechCrunch
  • Amazon is looking to open a brick-and-mortar liquor store in San Francisco.  Business Insider

Marketing + Social Media

  • YouTube originals are no longer exclusive to YouTube premium subscribers.  AdWeek
  • Kohl’s turns to Facebook to help it bring digital brands to stores.  CNN
  • Facebook’s new tool lets you see which apps and websites tracked you. The New York Times
  • How fashion brands are acting like media companies.  Glossy
  • YouTube will reportedly sop serving targeted ads on videos for kids in a move that could cost it tens of millions of dollars per year.  Business Insider
  • America’s elderly seem more screen-obsessed than the young.  The Economist
  • Snapchat as a winning platform to reach Gen Z.  Business of Fashion
  • Apple pushes for privacy in the web browser which could affect publishers’ ad revenue.  Digiday
  • Can’t buy me likes: Instagram is coming for your engagement metrics.  AdAge
  • Facebook is opening five cages which will offer free privacy checks.  Metro News
  • Facebook opened up its Spark AR platform to creators on Instagram.  AdWeek
  • Instagram will test back-to-back Stories ads from different brands.  AdWeek

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • Live-stream apps are changing the way people shop.  Business of Fashion
  • Ikea creates new division for smart home products.  TechCrunch
  • Apple Card can be damaged by wallets and jeans.  BBC
  • AR building comes to Android next week.  Engadget
  • Amazon Alexa users can now donate school supplies via voice.  VentureBeat
  • As customers begin to shop through voice assistants, what can brands do to stand out? Harvard Business Review


  • WeChat’s astronomical growth abroad.  Quartz
  • Alibaba’s strong results suggest Chinese consumers are still spending.  The New York Times 
  • Amazon tests water in Israel with website to attract local sellers.  Reuters

Weekly Industry Brief: 3.11.2019

Hi! I’m back.  Here is a recap of industry news from the last two weeks.  Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline. Have a great week!

Brands + Retailers

  • Apple will finally unveil its streaming video service on March 25th.  Engadget
  • AEO, URBN and ANF all had their earnings calls this past week. Catch up on AEO here, URBN here and ANF here.
  • Kith makes its first foray into beauty with Estee Lauder.  Fashionista
  • Digitally native brands on the power of brick and mortar. Retail Dive
  • Neiman Marcus makes progress in debt-restructuring talks.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Foot Locker records strongest sales in company history.  Retail Dive
  • Abercrombie to close up to 40 stores in 2019.  CNBC
  • Amazon’s Project Zero aims to help brands target scammers.  The Wall Street Journal
  • How Amazon took 50% of the commerce market and what it means for the rest of us.  TechCrunch
  • The 10 most valuable fashion brands in the world 2019.  High Snobeity
  • Foot Locker is investing $12.5M in kids’ clothing company Rockets of Awesome.  CNBC
  • West Elm and Rent the Runway parter to rent home home decor.  Business of Fashion
  • Target announces launch of its curated third-party marketplace, Target+. TechCrunch
  • Amazon’s joint health-care venture finally has a name: Haven.  CNBC
  • Office Depot and Alibaba are launching an online store.  Business Insider
  • Amazon to launch new grocery-store business.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Wedding company Zola tries on brick-and-mortar.  AdAge
  • Dollar Shave Club adds deodorant.  AdAge
  • Four takeaways from Shoptalk. Forbes
  • How Trader Joe’s plans to cut 1M pounds of single-use plastic from its stores.  Fast Company
  • Hudson Yards bets $1B a new Manhattan mall can succeed.  Bloomberg

Marketing + Social Media

  • Google announces new shopping ads on Google Images.  Social Media Today
  • After dropping runway fashion, Calvin Klein turns to TikTok  Glossy
  • Pinterest’s new tools turn it into more of a storefront.  Engadget
  • How ad tech is invading physical retail spaces.  AdWeek
  • Head of Luxury at Facebook and Instagram takes what you’ve told them and sells it to a luxury brand.  The New York Times
  • At 21, Kylie Jenner becomes the youngest self-made billionaire ever.  Forbes
  • Dior scores the highest media impact value at Paris Fashion Week over Chanel.  Vogue
  • Nike and Mattel on why the least active generation in history needs physical playtime. Fast Company
  • Barney’s courts younger shoppers with cannabis.  AdAge
  • Tiffany has always been classy. These guys are making it cool.  CNN
  • Online and making thousands at age 4: Meet the kindfluencers. The New York Times

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • AirBnB just bought HotelTonight in a play for last minute travelers.  Fast Company 
  • 5 female-lead businesses shaking up the fashion tech scene.  Vogue
  • Venmo expanding into everyday retail transactions.  Digiday
  • Walmart buys Israeli product review insight firm Aspectiva.  Reuters
  • How Walmart’s in-house incubator is imagining virtual reality for retail.  AdWeek


  • Small-town India is splurging on luxury and here’s what it’s buying.  Quartz
  • China’s authorities propose to keep minors out of live streaming.  TechCrunch

Weekly Industry Brief: 2.4.2019

Happy Monday! Here is a recap of industry news from the last week.  Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands + Retailers

  • DTC women’s hair-removal brand Flamingo moves offline with Target.  Glossy
  • Toy industry sales fell 2% in 2018, thanks to Toys R Us closure.  CNBC
  • Walmart scores big against Amazon with Fanatics sports gear deal.  Fortune 
  • Walgreens and CVS are offering ways to fix your teeth in their stores.  CNBC
  • Kohl’s is putting a Weight Watchers studio in one of its stores as part of wellness push.  CNBC
  • Alphabet earnings: why Google stock is tumbling despite profit spike  Fast Company 
  • Goop is coming to Netflix.  TechCrunch
  • Charlotte Russe files for bankruptcy.  Fortune
  • Why H&M hired the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower.  Fortune

Marketing + Social Media

  • Google’s bid to battle Amazon suffers blow as Walmart withdraws.  Bloomberg
  • Zara changes its logo.  Hypebeast
  • Equinox debuts campaign for new hotels biz.  AdAge
  • The Top 10 Super Bowl commercials by digital share of voice.  AdAge
  • The biggest advertising trends of the Super Bowl.  AdWeek
  • How TikTok is climbing the download charts, taking on Snapchat and Twitter.  CNBC
  • Hulu is the first brand to sponsor the record-breaking egg account on Instagram.  The Verge
  • The rise of the new male power shopper.  Forbes
  • Why fashion brands are launching podcasts.  The Business of Fashion
  • Nike turns its SNKRS app into a pop-up shop.  Engadget
  • Google+ will officially shut down on April 2.  Fortune 
  • 15 years of Facebook in four charts.  Wired

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • Warby Parker is using augmented reality to help people find frames that fit.  AdWeek
  • Artificial intelligence is chaining Kroger, Walgreens and others.  Forbes
  • McCormick and IBM team up to add AI-fueled flavors.  Fast Company
  • Slack just confidentially filed to go public.  Fast Company 
  • Amazon’s 2018 acquisitions totaled $1.65B, led by PillPack and Ring.  TechCrunch
  • How blockchain will change marketing in 2019.  CMO Magazine


  • Amazon and Flipkart pull 100,000’s of products to comply with new Indian law.  TechCrunch
  • Amazon reportedly eyes Middle East expansion.  Geek Wire 

Weekly Industry Brief: 1.28.2019

Happy Monday! Here is a recap of industry news from the last week. As always, sources can be found in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands + Retailers

  • Amazon to introduce virtual changing room app.  Telegraph
  • Apple plans gaming subscription service.  Cheddar
  • Amazon is trying to take down the last bastion of brick-and-mortar: beauty. Quartz
  • Amazon, Alphabet and Walmart were top IT spenders in 2019.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Under Armour partners with Virgin Atlantic to build spacesuit.  USA Today
  • Starbucks is expanding its Uber delivery to more cities.  Bloomberg
  • Mickey Drexler to depart from J.Crew.  Business Insider
  • You can rent a desk by the minute at WeWork’s first public location.  Fast Company 
  • A coalition of giant brands is about to change how we shop forever, with a new zero-waste platform.  Fast Company 
  • Brands invent new lines for only Amazon to sell.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Net-a-porter unveils try-before-you-buy service for big spenders.  Retail Gazette

Marketing + Social Media

  • Amazon knows what you buy and is building a big ad business from it.  The New York Times 
  • CMO’s are allocating nearly 30% of their budgets to marketing technology.  Deloitte
  • The secret life of Amazon’s Vine reviewers.  The New York Times 
  • Zuckerberg plans to integrate WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.  The New York Times 
  • LinkedIn is debuting interest targeting based on content users share and engage with.  AdWeek
  • Zuckerberg in WSJ op-ed: Facebook doesn’t sell your data! Fast Company 
  • Facebook to create independent board to monitor content.  AdAge
  • American Eagle surrendered creative control for its latest marketing effort to Gen Z.  AdWeek
  • How publishers use influencers to grow commerce businesses.  DIgiday
  • Amazon unveils celebrity beta-testing program for Super Bowl.  AdAge
  • Hilton and Netflix partnering for in-room personalized streaming.  Fortune

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • Kustomer nabs $35M to take on Zendesk and Salesforce with its Slack-like approach to CRM.  TechCrunch
  • Go-Jek makes first close of $2B round at $9.5B valuation.  TechCrunch
  • Airbnb acquires Denmark’s Gaest to expand in bookings for meetings and offsites.  TechCrunch
  • The RealReal founder, Julie Wainwright is the Tycon of the pre-owned. The New York Times 
  • Rosetta Stone for iPhone adds AI to identify objects for live translations.  Venture Beat
  • Stop & Shop is testing self-driving mini grocery stores.  The Verge


  • Amazon starts selling in Brazil.  Reuters
  • Google and IAB ad category lists show ‘massive leakage of highly intimate data,’ according to GDPR complaint claims.  TechCrunch
  • Starbucks CEO says they are playing the long game in China.  CNBC
  • Alibaba shows signs of strain as China’s economy shudders.  Bloomberg
  • Dyson will move its head office from Britain to Singapore.  The New York Times 

Weekly Industry Brief: 9.24.2018

Hi! I’m back. Happy new season!Here is a recap of news from the last two weeks. Seriously considering an Amazon-only news recap day…thoughts? Meantime, sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands and Retailers

  • Amazon Prime Day: what the real lessons are.  McKinsey
  • Michael Kors is close to buying Versace for $2B.  Bloomberg
  • Amazon may open 3,000 cashier-less stores by 2021.  AdAge
  • A look inside Target’s store of the future.  AdWeek
  • Walmart is borrowing luxury’s playbook to gain an edge on Amazon in fashion.  Quartz
  • Amazon will sell and deliver live Christmas trees this year.  CNN Money
  • Gap’s new menswear line is a direct challenge to Lululemon.  Fortune
  • Ikea quickly shifting to a zero-emissions delivery fleet.  Fast Company
  • Halloween spending to hit $9B.  Retail Dive
  • How Nike became the biggest fashion brand in the world.  GQ
  • Walmart wants to bring its everyday low prices to healthcare.  CNN Money
  • J.Crew quietly launched a new platform that takes a page out of Amazon’s playbook.  Business Insider
  • Amazon introduces an Alexa-powered microwave and other home products.  The New York Times 
  • Crate & Barrel CEO says tariffs won’t send production to U.S. Bloomberg
  • Farfetch tops price range in IPO boon to luxury market.  Reuters
  • Why L Brands is shuttering all its Henri Bendel stores.  Forbes
  • Amazon investigates employees leaking data for bribes.  The Wall Street Journal 
  • Zara’s upbeat outlook eases concerns about online competition.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Coke may be planning cannabis drinks.  Fast Company 
  • Walmart’s Jet.com to offer Nike products in bid for urban consumers.  Reuters
  • Starbucks to build 10,000 “greener” stores by 2025.  CNBC
  • Target launches kitchen line with Chrissy Teigen.  Biz Journals

Marketing and Social Media

  • Why Weight Watchers is shedding the baggage of an old name.  AdWeek
  • Google following Instagram and Facebook with push into Stories format.  Recode
  • Amazon launches “storefronts” to promote small businesses.  Fast Company 
  • Amazon forecast to be No. 3 digital advertising player in 2018.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Here’s everything Google announced today at its “Future of Search” event.  TechCrunch
  • How Nordstrom reinvented its loyalty program.  Glossy
  • FabFitFun expands its video reach with new experiment in live programming.  TechCrunch
  • Pinterest launches API that lets brans find and track influencers.  VentureBeat
  • Snapchat lets you take a photo of object to buy it on Amazon.  TechCrunch
  • Eva Chen explains Instagram’s new shopping features.  Vogue
  • What the rise of men’s makeup means for masculinity.  Vox
  • Pinterest introduces a few product tagging tool for organic pins.  Marketing Land
  • L’oreal doing background checks as part of new influencer vetting process.  The Drum
  • TripAdvisor wants to become your Facebook for travel.  Fast Company 
  • Time Magazine sold to Salesforce founder for $190M.  The Wall Street Journal

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • Here’s why SeriusXM is purchasing Pandora for $3.5B.  AdAge
  • Meet the nine companies in Snapchat’s new startup accelerator.  TechCrunch
  • Six AI innovations that could change skincare and beauty.  Dazed
  • For major beauty companies, brand incubation is the way of the future.  Fashionista
  • Slack acquires Astro to conquer email.  TechCrunch
  • Here’s why Adobe dished out $4.75B for Marketo.  AdAge
  • Google might release a Home Hub to take on the Echo Show.  The Verge 
  • How AI can help stop cyberattacks.  The Wall Street Journal 



Weekly Industry Brief: 8.13.2018

Here is a recap of industry news from the last week.  Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands and Retailers

  • VF Corp considers sale or spin off of denim businesses Lee and Wangler.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Samsung unveils new Galaxy Note smartphone amid slowing sales.  The New York Times
  • Party City joins parade of brands looking to grow via Amazon.  Bloomberg
  • Amazon captures 5% of America retail spending.  Bloomberg
  • Spotify’s $30B playlist for global domination.  Fast Company
  • WeWork’s first financial report shows off growing revenues and $1B SoftBank deal.  Fast Company
  • Playing catch up with Walmart, Amazon offers digital grocery pickup at Whole Foods.  The New York Times
  • Four women sue Nike for violating equal pay acts.  Fast Company
  • Casper to open 200 stores.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Tesla stock sinks as reality sinks in.  Fast Company
  • Sports Direct buys House of Fraser for 90M GBP.  Business of Fashion
  • Jimmy Choo sales help Michael Kors beat estimates.  Business of Fashion
  • Shopify battles the scammers behind fake web stores.  AdAge
  • Online retailers are using empty mall spaces to test products.  Digiday
  • Move over millennials, it’s Gen Z’s turn to kill industries.  Bloomberg
  • Rite Aid and Albertsons terminate merger talks.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Wayfair opening its first store.  Forbes
  • Nestle’s plan to bring customers back to big food.  The Washington Post
  • Pet pampering surges as millennials practice parenting.  AdAge

Marketing and Social Media

  • The flourishing business of fake YouTube views.  The New York Times
  • Why Snapchat is shrinking.  Recode
  • YouTube is about to pass Facebook as the second biggest website in US.  CNBC
  • L’oreal adds to Facebook sales push with virtual make-up tests.  Reuters
  • Google still stores location data even if users opt out, report shows.  AdWeek
  • Google launches Cameos, a video Q&A app aimed at celebs at public figures.  TechCrunch
  • Snapchat expands stoppable AR to its top creators.  Digiday
  • Facebook builds its own AR games for Messenger video chat.  TechCrunch
  • Inside the hyper-targeted world of alcohol influencers.  Vinepair
  • Spotify tests letting listeners skip ads.  AdAge
  • Walmart to sell Gobble Meal Kits in new partnership.  Fortune
  • Snapchat Storytellers is the app’s new way of connecting brands and influencers.  AdWeek

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • Inside Store No. 8, Walmart’s incubator that is testing VR and conversational commerce.  Digiday
  • Uber hit with cap as New York City leads in crackdown.  The New York Times
  • Amazon launches an Alexa auto SDK to bring its voice assistant to more cars.  TechCrunch
  • How H&M is betting on AI and big data to regain profitability.  Forbes
  • Wayfair unleashes mixed-reality shopping.  RetailDive
  • Unmade raises $4M to help fashion brands make customizable clothes and cut waste.  VentureBeat
  • How L’oreal’s tech incubator is transforming in-house product development.  Glossy
  • New supply chain jobs are emerging as AI takes hold.  Harvard Business Review


  • Inside Google’s effort to develop a censored search engine in China.  The Intercept 
  • Google’s path back into China includes a host of local partners.  Fortune
  • Music.ly investor bets on internet radio with $17M deal for Korea’s Spoon Radio. TechCrunch
  • Walmart and JD.com invest $500M in a Chinese online delivery company.  CNBC
  • Urban Outfitters expands in UK and Europe.  Drapers
  • There’s only one way to break into China’s crowded retail market.  Harvard Business Review

Weekly Industry Brief: 23 July 2018

Happy Monday! Here is your quick hit of industry news from the last week.  Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands and Retailers

  • Alphabet reports strong Q2, tainted somewhat by massive EU fine.  Fast Company
  • How Best Buy is thriving in the age of Amazon.  Bloomberg
  • WeWork opens a retail operation, highlighting products made by its members.  Entrepreneur
  • How Nordstrom changed its merchandising strategy for the DTC brand era.  Glossy
  • ‘Fast beauty’ company Be For Beauty wants to be the ASOS of the cosmetics industry.  Fashionista
  • What the fashion industry can learn from North Face and Vans parent company VF Corp.  Forbes
  • Walmart, Microsoft in partnership to use cloud tech.  Reuters
  • Petco tries to ‘Amazon-proof’ its business with a new store.  CNBC
  • Why a former pro soccer player and his co-founder decided to make Allbirds all about simplicity.  Inc
  • Comcast lets Disney win the 21st Century Fox bidding war. Fast Company
  • Target uses Prime Day to its advantage, logging its biggest online shopping day so far this year.  CNBC
  • Sonos to raise up to $264M in IPO.  Bloomberg
  • Gap CEO looking for acquisitions.  Fortune

Marketing and Social Media

  • Now for sale: the empty space insider retailers’ packages.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Are influencer brands the key to bringing millennials to department stores?  Fashionista
  • Equinox and SoulCycle are launching a talent agency for fitness influencers.  Fast Company
  • How brands are making pop-up shops more interactive and Instagrammable than ever.  AdWeek
  • Snapchat is shutting down Snapcash.  Fast Company
  • AMC teams with Facebook for movie ticket purchases.  Variety
  • Why Club Monaco is stealing tricks from scrappy startups.  Fast Company
  • Amazon advertising is working directly with brands now, cutting out ad agencies.  Digiday
  • Facebook pulls Walmart and P&G’s ads for lacking ‘political’ labeling.  AdAge
  • Retailers are getting into the media and advertising businesses.  Axios
  • Snapchat beefs up ad targeting deal with Nielsen.  AdAge
  • Inside the mating rituals of brands and online stars. The New York Times
  • Snapchat partners with 4 news discovery platforms to help push content beyond the app.  MarketingLand
  • YouTube is testing its own ‘Explore’ tab on iPhone.  TechCrunch

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • P&G reportedly bought First Aid Beauty for $250M.  Allure
  • Will virtual shopping malls save retailers? Forbes
  • Marks & Spencer, Founders Factory form JV to support retail startups.  WWD
  • Why online marketplaces fell out of favor and why VCs should love them again.  Forbes
  • Rocket Internet turns to US with new fund.  Bloomberg
  • Robot truck upstart Embark hauls in $30M to take on Waymo and Uber.  Forbes
  • Eventbrite is reportedly going public in the second half of this year.  TechCrunch
  • Facebook confirms its working on a new internet satellite.  Wired
  • HoneyLove looks to reinvent shapewear.  TechCrunch
  • How voice is changing everything.  AdAge
  • Uber partners with Cargo to enable commerce in your next Uber ride.  Fortune


  • Google fined a record $5B by the EU for abusing the dominance of Android.  Business Insider
  • Report: Amazon temporarily killed all international traffic to deal with Prime Day outage.  Fast Company
  • Alibaba and Tencent in talks over stake in WPP’s Chinese unit.  Reuters

Weekly Industry Brief: 07.16.2018

Happy Monday!  Here is a quick list of industry news from the last week. Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands and Retailers

  • Amazon suffers glitches at the start of Prime Day, its biggest shopping day of the year.  CNBC
  • Amazon’s share of the US commerce market is now 49% or 5% of all retail spend.  TechCrunch
  • Nordstrom Local expands its innovative, inventory-free retail hubs.  Fast Company
  • Fabletics plans to open 75 new stores in global push.  CNBC
  • Home Depot getting into the home decor space.  Forbes
  • US mobile data use, cell sites set new records in 2017.  Wireless Week
  • Study finds that Amazon Prime Day suppresses foot traffic at other retailers.  Fortune
  • Nike’s digital reboot is working.  CNN Money
  • New Nike concept store goes live in LA.  Retail Dive
  • How Kylie Jenner built a $900M fortune in less than 3 years.  Forbes
  • Why brands like Madewell and Reformation are driving growth for Nordstrom.  Fashionista
  • How Huda Kattan built a multi-million dollar beauty brand from a blog.  Fast Company
  • This retailer is betting big on made-to-order brands and is opening 15 stores dedicated to it.  AdWeek
  • Strong retail sales in June boosted growth.  The Wall Street Journal
  • CPG giants seek out tie-ups and push M&A to 15-year high.  Forbes
  • Apple launches clean energy fund in China.  NBC
  • Netflix stock plummets after missed subscriber targets by 1M.  Fast Company

Marketing and Social Media

  • Target has a secret app for superfine and it looks like Instagram.  Fast Company
  • Google works with Shopify to spur commerce, retail ad spending.  Bloomberg
  • Aerie’s latest campaign features women in wheelchairs, with illnesses and more.  Fashionista
  • Pinterest’s rudimentary consultancy gives retailers advice on in-store marketing.  The Drum
  • On Instagram TV, brands go longer, weirder.  AdAge
  • Facebook testing AR ads in the news feed and new tool to help brands create video ads.  MarketingLand
  • Google expanding store visitation and local conversion reporting.  Search Engine Land
  • How H&M’s millennial brand Nyden is crowdsourcing design on Instagram.  Glossy

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • Alibaba, Amazon and Nike all point to the next innovation in retail: personalized physical spaces.  Forbes
  • AdQuick raises over $2M to make billboard advertising more programmatic.  TechCrunch
  • Lady Gaga is quietly working on a new beauty startup.  Recode
  • Retailers use AI for more personalized approach.  AdAge
  • Facebook taught bots how to navigate New York City using natural language.  Fast Company
  • Adobe is bringing real Photoshop to the iPad, possibly in 2019.  Fast Company


  • Burberry to cut prices in China.  Jing Daily
  • Louis Vuitton expands ecommerce to cover all of China.  Jing Daily
  • Instagram is changing the way fashion sells in India.  Quartz
  • WeWork’s biggest rival in China is on an acquisition spree.  TechCrunch