Industry Brief: 1.13.20

Hi! Happy New Year! If you follow this newsletter you’ve noticed I’ve been radio silent the last couple of months. This is because I’ve been quite busy with a new job of becoming a mama. But, now that my baby girl is two months old and I’m *sort of* out of the initial fog, I thought I’d catch up on what’s been going on in the industry. I won’t go so far as to say this will be weekly this year because, well, I’ve got this new full-time job of being a mom plus my other full-time job, plus trying to be a normal, decent human being  as well.

So for now, I hope you enjoy this quick recap! As always, sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline. 

Brands + Retailers

  • Goop is coming to Sephora.  CNBC
  • Abercrombie & Fitch says its willing to walk away from any mall.  Bloomberg
  • More brands are leaving Amazon, but the strategy could backfire.  CNBC
  • Men may not buy into the growing clothing rental market.  The New York Times 
  • In 2020, retail is moving back to Main Street.  Fast Company
  • Away’s CEO returns weeks after stepping down. The New York Times
  • Will Gap really spin off Old Navy?  Retail Dive
  • Alphabet nears $1T market cap on ad-growth optimism.  AdAge
  • How the way we shop for sneakers has changed over the last decade.  Fashionista
  • Lord & Taylor plots its comeback under new owner.  CNBC
  • Kohl’s and J.C. Penney lose more ground amidst sluggish holiday sales.  Bloomberg
  • Amazon’s Business-to-Business marketplace could be a $31B business in four years.  CNBC
  • Why UK luxury department stores are outperforming their US counterparts.  Glossy
  • Cartier partners with TMall to grow Chinese presence. WWD
  • Mexico is Walmart’s biggest international market.  Reuters

Marketing + Social Media

  • As Instagram reaches upper limits of US user growth, expect to see more ways to shop.  Forbes
  • Rent the Runway CEO says transparency about logistics problems boosted brand loyalty.  AdWeek
  • Who is buying 2020 Super Bowl Ads.  AdAge
  • Zuckerberg outlines Facebook’s five areas of focus.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Natura CEO plans to reinvent Avon Ladies into a glamsquad of “influencers.” Fortune 
  • Facebook and Instagram will allow users to see fewer political ads in 2020 election.  Fast Company 
  • Podcast listeners are active and open to brand messaging.  eMarketer
  • The boutique fitness industry’s mission to monetize community. Quartz
  • With customer acquisition costs on the rise, DTC leans on referral programs.  Glossy
  • Gen Z shoppers want a cute, cheap outfit that looks cute on Instagram.  The New York Times
  • The new trend of piercing pop-ups. The Wall Street Journal

Emerging Tech + Start Ups

  • Casper files for IPO.  Fast Company
  • P&G acquires women’s shaving company, Billie. CrunchBase
  • Walmart expands robotic workforce to 65o stores.  AdAge
  • Visa to buy Plaid for $5.3B in effort to reach start-ups.  Bloomberg
  • Procter & Gamble’s innovations at CES show shift to data-driven products.  Forbes
  • This AirBnB-style startup wants you to skip long-term leases and go month-to-month instead.  Fast Company 
  • BMW debuts AR windshield that responds to gaze.  Next Reality