Industry Brief: 2.25.2020

Hi! Here is a quick round-up of some news from around the industry over the last few weeks. Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headlines.

Brands + Retailers

  • Victoria’s Secret to go private at $1.1B valuation.  The Wall Street Journal
  • As DTC brands move into wholesale, analytics platforms follow.  Vogue
  • How brands are battling knock-offs on Amazon.  AdWeek
  • Apple stores reopen in China despite coronavirus outbreak.  Fast Company
  • As Walmart grows in ecommerce, investors look for a plan to stem the losses.  CNBC
  • Nevermind the internet, here’s what’s killing malls. The New York Times
  • How Amazon is causing us to drown in trademarks.  The New York Times
  • Inside the fall of Softbank-backed Brandless.  Axios
  • Pier 1 declares bankruptcy.  CBS News
  • Bed Bath & Beyond to sell gift unit in Turnaround bid. Bloomberg
  • Amazon opens its first cashier-less grocery store.  TechCrunch
  • Target moves up among ecommerce players.  Forbes
  • Forever 21 will live on with new owners.  NPR

Marketing + Social

  • Amazon’s new web TV series merges content and commerce.  LA Times
  • Unilever will stop targeting kids in advertising. Digiday
  • Inside Glossier’s fight to trademark its iconic bubble wrap bags.  Fast Company
  • How brands are using TikTok to go after a new age group with huge spending power.  Inc
  • Facebook blocks device-level phone data.  AdAge
  • How Gen Z is using Instagram to shop.  Glossy
  • Inside RxBar’s new influencer strategy. Digiday
  • Beyond subway ads, how startups are investing in out of home.  Modern Retail
  • Instagram prototypes letting IGTV creators monetize with ads.  TechCrunch
  • Google ends its free Wifi program.  TechCrunch
  • Disney Plus has over 28M subscribers. The New York Times
  • Toy industry looks to YouTube talent for next generation of merchandise.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Is technology subsuming marketing? Harvard Business Review

Emerging Tech

  • New tool aims to track whether influencers and other digital ads actually drive online sales.  AdAge
  • Goodyear finds uses for AI and IoT in tires, tools.  Forbes
  • Salesforce buys Vlocity for over $1B.  TechCrunch
  • Apple is teaming up with Johnson & Johnson to see if the Apple Watch can reduce the risk of stroke.  Fast Company

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