Weekly Industry Brief: 3.11.2019

Hi! I’m back.  Here is a recap of industry news from the last two weeks.  Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline. Have a great week!

Brands + Retailers

  • Apple will finally unveil its streaming video service on March 25th.  Engadget
  • AEO, URBN and ANF all had their earnings calls this past week. Catch up on AEO here, URBN here and ANF here.
  • Kith makes its first foray into beauty with Estee Lauder.  Fashionista
  • Digitally native brands on the power of brick and mortar. Retail Dive
  • Neiman Marcus makes progress in debt-restructuring talks.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Foot Locker records strongest sales in company history.  Retail Dive
  • Abercrombie to close up to 40 stores in 2019.  CNBC
  • Amazon’s Project Zero aims to help brands target scammers.  The Wall Street Journal
  • How Amazon took 50% of the commerce market and what it means for the rest of us.  TechCrunch
  • The 10 most valuable fashion brands in the world 2019.  High Snobeity
  • Foot Locker is investing $12.5M in kids’ clothing company Rockets of Awesome.  CNBC
  • West Elm and Rent the Runway parter to rent home home decor.  Business of Fashion
  • Target announces launch of its curated third-party marketplace, Target+. TechCrunch
  • Amazon’s joint health-care venture finally has a name: Haven.  CNBC
  • Office Depot and Alibaba are launching an online store.  Business Insider
  • Amazon to launch new grocery-store business.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Wedding company Zola tries on brick-and-mortar.  AdAge
  • Dollar Shave Club adds deodorant.  AdAge
  • Four takeaways from Shoptalk. Forbes
  • How Trader Joe’s plans to cut 1M pounds of single-use plastic from its stores.  Fast Company
  • Hudson Yards bets $1B a new Manhattan mall can succeed.  Bloomberg

Marketing + Social Media

  • Google announces new shopping ads on Google Images.  Social Media Today
  • After dropping runway fashion, Calvin Klein turns to TikTok  Glossy
  • Pinterest’s new tools turn it into more of a storefront.  Engadget
  • How ad tech is invading physical retail spaces.  AdWeek
  • Head of Luxury at Facebook and Instagram takes what you’ve told them and sells it to a luxury brand.  The New York Times
  • At 21, Kylie Jenner becomes the youngest self-made billionaire ever.  Forbes
  • Dior scores the highest media impact value at Paris Fashion Week over Chanel.  Vogue
  • Nike and Mattel on why the least active generation in history needs physical playtime. Fast Company
  • Barney’s courts younger shoppers with cannabis.  AdAge
  • Tiffany has always been classy. These guys are making it cool.  CNN
  • Online and making thousands at age 4: Meet the kindfluencers. The New York Times

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • AirBnB just bought HotelTonight in a play for last minute travelers.  Fast Company 
  • 5 female-lead businesses shaking up the fashion tech scene.  Vogue
  • Venmo expanding into everyday retail transactions.  Digiday
  • Walmart buys Israeli product review insight firm Aspectiva.  Reuters
  • How Walmart’s in-house incubator is imagining virtual reality for retail.  AdWeek


  • Small-town India is splurging on luxury and here’s what it’s buying.  Quartz
  • China’s authorities propose to keep minors out of live streaming.  TechCrunch

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