Weekly Industry Brief: 10.29.2018

Happy Monday! Here is a recap of industry news from the last week.  Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands and Retailers

  • Legacy retailer and disruptive brand partnerships are on the rise.  Forbes
  • Mattel sales fall despite strong showing from Barbie.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Target focuses on private label brands to compete with Amazon.  Glossy
  • Buzzfeed launches Goodful product line with Macy’s.  MediaPost
  • The affordable cashmere wars are heating up just in time for sweater weather.  Fast Company 
  • Sam’s Club looks to fend off Amazon with cashier-less stores.  Fast Company
  • How Peapod plans to win over customers in the crowded online grocery market.  Digiday
  • Shopify adds Venom as a checkout option just in time for the holidays.  AdWeek
  • Measuring the fashion world’s go-to-market strategy.  McKinsey
  • Foundation is becoming the most innovative category in makeup.  Fashionista
  • Nordstrom adds “early-bird” pick-up this holiday season.  USA Today

Marketing and Social Media

  • Tinder preps programmatic ad partnership with Google.  Digiday
  • Twitter beats on Q3 earnings.  TechCrunch
  • Stickers are coming to WhatsApp.  AdWeek
  • The Standard hotel created a virtual lobby so you can meet fellow guests IRL.  Fast Company
  • Levi’s, Disney partner on sales via Snapchat. AdWeek
  • What Gen Z wants for Christmas.  RetailDive
  • Amazon’s ad bonanza continues with $2.5B last quarter.  AdAge
  • Apple plans for subscription TV launch.  Mashable
  • Blue Apron partners with Jet.com.  TechCrunch

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • IBM buys Red Hat for $34B.  Fast Company
  • Grocery, food delivery firms raises billions in new funding.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Facial recognition system to approve alcohol and cigarette sales to be trailed in British supermarket.  Telegraph
  • Samsung teases a reveal for its foldable, dual-screen smartphone.  
  • IBM is making a perfume based on artificial intelligence.  Vox
  • Entrepreneurs create $750M bra business by exposing Victoria Secret’s weakness.  Forbes


  • Cartier meets TMall in Richemont-Alibaba online luxury tie-up.  Bloomberg
  • India has already hit record number of $1B startups this year.  Bloomberg
  • Vogue said to launch Hong Kong edition.  South China Morning Post
  • Goop, new to London, is already being reported to U.K. regulator. Fast Company
  • Yoox-Net-a-Porter ink joint venture deal with Alibaba to target Chinese consumers.  The Drum
  • Alibaba used shoppers’ data to invent spicy Snickers bar.  Bloomberg 
  • Russia’s Yandex trumpets fastest growth in six years.  Reuters

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