Weekly Industry Brief: 10.17.2016

Embraced my day off last Monday so this week is a bit of a combo of the last two weeks.  Sources can be found in the hyperlinked text after the headline.


  • Bed Bath tries to move beyond the coupon. Link
  • Google pop-ups may signal path to brick-and-mortar. Link
  • Shopify now lets merchants sell through Facebook Messenger. Link
  • Warby Parker, Bonobos have big plans for physical stores. Link
  • Canada Goose preparing for IPO. Link
  • Will Anthropologie ‘s super stores win where department stores have failed? Link
  • Amazon to build convenience stores, Wall Street Journal reports. Link
  • Alibaba’s $60B Finance Arm seeks growth before IPO, say sources. Link
  • Amazon said to limit warehouse access to new merchants. Link
  • Amazon launching music streaming service for $10 a month. Link
  • New from Target and Dwell: Chic modern furniture for $400 or less. Link
  • Fast Retailing’s growth slows sharply. Link
  • Designers find Rent-the-Runway a rich source of data. Link
  • Macy’s flagship debuts Apple shop. Link
  • US retail sales rose in September by the most in three months. Link
  • Macy’s to open on Thanksgiving; Target, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus to close. Link
  • Economist sees mid-market slump this holiday shopping season. Link
  • Is customization the future of the beauty industry? Link
  • Everlane is thinking about adding stores. Link
  • Swarovski, maker of all things bejeweled, tries on a hoodie. Link
  • Nordstrom pulls Moschino drug-themed clothing line after protests. Link
  • Everlane partners with Opening Ceremony on collaboration. Link
  • eBay’s new high-end furniture shop includes a visual search engine. Link
  • Net-a-porter to open West London technology hub. Link


  • Meet CoverGirl’s first ever male spokesmodel. Link
  • New Patagonia short film shows how fair trade shopping is good for business. Link
  • Facebook launches a pared back chat app for Android. Link
  • Abercrombie’s massive rebrand initiates with Instagram disappearance. Link
  • Karl Lagerfeld to open hospitality line of hotels, bars and clubs. Link
  • Your guide to Generation Z: the frugal, brand-wary, determined anti-millenninals. Link
  • Can Abercrombie entice Generation Z by being nicer? Link
  • Facebook’s Slack competitor now available for any business to use. Link
  • How the founders of Coveteur built a must-follow fashionable (and profitable) brand. Link

Startup/Emerging Tech

  • IBM to pour $200M into Watson Internet of Things A.I. business in Munich. Link
  • Galleries Lafayette reveals retail disrupters in startup accelerator. Link
  • Three fashion start-ups tapping tough categories. Link
  • Alibaba’s new payment system lets virtual reality shoppers pay by nodding. Link
  • Kohl’s Pay is the latest combatant in the payment app wars. Link
  • The mainstreaming of virtual reality. Link


  • UK retailers fret about sourcing prices as Brexit weakens pound. Link
  • WalMart Mexico sales growth slowed in Q3. Link
  • Macy’s plans to launch ecommerce site in China in 2017. Link
  • Majority of global consumers shop cross border. Link
  • H&M opens in New Zealand. Link
  • Google to return to China as a hardware provider. Link
  • Almost a million Chinese tourists visit Macau during Golden Week. Link
  • Apple to open its second R&D center in China. Link
  • Two ways to break into India’s consumer market. Link
  • Ikea does its homework before opening in India. Link

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