Weekly Industry Brief: 7.1.2019

Just like that, we’re halfway through the year. Before you jet off for a long 4th of July weekend, here are some highlights from industry news over the last week. Sources are in the hyperlinked text after the headline.

Brands + Retailers

    • Retail gets wrecked but Nordstrom and Kohl’s could see a revival. CNBC
    • How this 120-year old apparel giant (VF) is trying to reinvent retail.  Marketing Week
      Retailers are becoming restauranteurs to boost sales.  CNBC
    • Amazon adds Rite Aid locations to package delivery network.  The Wall Street Journal
    • Johnny Ive to leave Apple as chief designer to form independent company.  AdAge
    • Twitch is celebrating Prime Day with a 2-day live shopping show.  AdWeek
    • Rent the Runway is bringing its drop boxes to Nordstrom stores.  Forbes
    • H&M shifts focus from stores to global ecommerce.  Bloomberg
    • PepsiCo continues push away from plastic bottles to address environmental concerns.  Fortune
    • Abercrombie to sell CBD products at half of its stores.  The Street
    • Pier 1 Imports expands store-closing plans.  USA Today
    • Target, eBay gear up to challenge Amazon Prime Day.  VentureBeat

Social Media + Marketing

    • Amazon’s Prime Day Taylor Swift concert shows that it wants to sell you more than just stuff. Vox
    • Cosmopolitan is launching a branded podcast with Tinder.  Digiday
    • Here’s how Instagram’s new Explore ads will work.  AdAge
    • Nike’s app for sneaker heads is fueling it’s digital business.  Quartz
    • How Supreme got pulled into a fight for its billion-dollar brand.  The Wall Street Journal
    • The kind of authenticity customers will pay more for.  Harvard Business Review
    • Instagram therapists are the new Instagram poets.  The New York Times
    • From Amazon to Uber, internet companies are driving US ad spend.  AdAge

Start up + Acquisitions + Emerging Tech

    • Apple continues expanding into healthcare by selling a consumer-focused Dianetes monitor in stores.  CNBC
    • Samsung launches Bixby marketplace in attempt to rival Amazon’s Alexa.  Fast Company
    • Walmart is using VR to help decide who should get promotions.  Fast Company
    • Why are brands using CGI influencers to promote skincare and fashion? Teen Vogue
    • Alphabet’s Loon balloons take flight in first commercial trial.  Fast Company


    • Walmart in Mexico launches grocery orders via WhatsApp.  Reuters
    • A red-hot Chinese shopping review app shows the future of online shopping.  Quartz

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