Weekly Industry Brief: 10.2.2018

Happy TUESDAY! Here’s a recap of news from the last week. Sources are in the hyperlink after the headline.

Brands and Retailers

  • Revolve files for IPO.  Seeking Alpha
  • Kors and Versace form US luxury conglomorate.  The New York Times
  • Target to be first retailer to sell Quip toothbrushes.  Bloomberg
  • Lifestyle brands are building hotels.  Here’s why that makes sense.  Harvard Business Review
  • Amazon to open a New York story that only sells highly rated prodcuts.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Amazon taking a stab at the mattress business.  Bloomberg
  • Tesla shares plummet after SEC files fraud claims againt Elon Musk.  TechCrunch
  • Want to see what’s up Amazon’s sleeve? Take a tour of Seattle.  The New York TImes
  • H&M tests new store to get back in vogue with consumers.  Reuters
  • J.Crew to unviel new brand for younger women.  Chicago Tribune
  • Lululemon, the brand that invented athleisure, plans its second act.  Fast Company
  • How department stores are fighting back to combat declining sales.  MarketingWeek

Marketing and Social Media

  • YouTube launching new ad formats.  AdWeek
  • Snapchat tests a camera feature that lets you easily buy items from Amazon.  The Verge
  • How Instagram rose into a cultural powerhouse.  The New York Times
  • How Pinterest, Google and Amazon are improving visual search.  eMarketer
  • Burger King tries to prove AI can’t replicate creativity.  AdAge
  • Google Maps want to make your commute less taxing and more musical. Fast Company
  • Improving search for the next 20 years.  Google
  • The limits of fashion’s inclusivity.  The New York Times
  • Pinterest is quietly growing into an internet ad giant.  Fast Company
  • Facebook continues to be the top media source for app marketers.  AdWeek
  • Snapchat launches multiple ecommerce ad formats in time for holiday.  MarketingLand
  • The elusive art of going viral on Twitter.  The Wall Street Journal
  • Facebook security breach affected 50 million accounts.  CNBC
  • Google launches new travel planning tools.  TechCrunch
  • Instagram’s co-founders step down from company.  The New York Times
  • Google gets imto game streaming.  TechCrunch

Startup + Emerging Tech + Acquisitions

  • VW ups digital push with Microsoft connected cars.  AdAge
  • Investors are pouring millions into streetwear startups.  Fashionista
  • HP made a leather laptop.  Wired


  • China’s influencer fatigue is real.  Jing Daily
  • To grow your business abroad, partner with local influencers.  Havard Busines Review
  • Goop comes to the UK.  Vogue
  • China’s game approval freeze forces Tencent to restructure.  Engadget

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