Happy New Year, everyone!

Below is a recap of news in fashion, retail, and technology over the last week. All sources can be found in the hyper-linked text after each headline:

Retailer + Brand News:

  • Retailers save discounts for bargain hunters. Link
  • Amazon draws 10 million new Prime members over holidays. Link
  • Small U.S. firms may struggle with new UPS, FedEx dimensional prices. Link
  • How Canada Goose went from small outerwear company to international luxury brand. Link
  • In-store pickup does not save U.S. shoppers much time. Link
  • Plus-size fashion moves beyond the muumuu. Link
  • FedEx acquires Bongo to appeal to global retailers. Link
  • Amazon’s third party merchants are a growing piece of the sales pie. Link
  • Amazon posts worst year since 2008, lost $7.4B. Link
  • Is Nike working to re-establish itself in the world of wearable tech? Link
  • How Nordstrom became the most successful retailer. Link

Social Media + Marketing:

  • Snapchat cracks top 10 largest U.S. venture-capital deals. Link
  • Twitter to launch a YouTube-like video platform. Link
  • Selfie stick rules holiday season as must-have accessory. Link
  • Why brands tweet “bae.” Link
  • Top branded Instagram videos of 2014. Link
  • Net-a-porter promotes skiwear with branded ski lift. Link
  • Apple sued for false advertising of iPhones. Link
  • Lucky Magazine puts three bloggers on its cover. Link
  • Forbes taking native ads to new level with AT&T-sponsored cover. Link
  • Mark Zuckerberg starts a book club. Link
  • McDonald’s lays out new brand vision, reaffirms commitment to “I’m Lovin It.” Link
  • New AOL takes form with ad-tech in charge. Link
  • Three seismic threats to marketers in 2015. Link


  • Grocery-delivery startup Instacart rings up $230M in funding. Link
  • Qwant wants to be alternative to Google. Link
  • Yummly teams up with Instacart to delivery recipe ingredients in an hour. Link



  • Self-checkout takes hold in Japan. Link
  • Key stories to watch in China’s tech in 2015. Link
  • Tencent launches China’s first private bank. Link
  • Alibaba competitor Wanda eCommerce raises $161M at $3B valuation. Link


  • Costco to launch more Australian stores. Link


  • German online retailer Zalando sells old items offline. Link


  • Wal-mart to offer smaller store formats in Mexico. Link

Mobile, Tablet, + Wearables:

  • App download volumes hit record high in November. Link
  • Capital One kicks off Apple Pay promotion. Link
  • Payments tipping point will be in 2015. Link
  • 5 mobile developments that mattered in 2014. Link
  • The year’s 10 biggest shifts, shake-ups and surprises in mobile marketing. Link
  • A day with Apple Pay. Link
  • Withings releases a $150 smartwatch for the masses. Link
  • Mistfit debuts a new “Sqarovski Shine” wearables collection featuring crystal jewelry, solar charging. Link


  • Nest adds 15 more companies to its “Works With Nest” program, integrating with other Internet of Things. Link
  • Roku announces two new TV partnerships for Roku TV. Link

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