Top industry news from last week.  All sources can be found in the hyperlink after the headline:

Retailer + Brand News:

  • Zara builds its business around RFID, learns from others’ mistakes. Link
  • Nordstrom employs New York Instagrammers to personalize fall accessories. Link
  • Amazon touts reduced shopping cart abandonment with newly expanded “login and pay” service. Link
  • Amazon purchases buy.com domain for $4.6M. Link
  • Lululemon inks two corner deals in Soho, will open first Men’s store. Link
  • Uniqlo expects profits at U.S. stores in couple of years. Link
  • Yahoo’s core business value cut in half after Alibaba IPO. Link
  • Prada profit down 21% due to weak demand in Asia and Europe. Link
  • Packaged goods marketers wade warily in ecommerce. Link
  • Apple and Amazon take baby steps toward digital sharing. Link
  • Asos facing backlash from leading fashion brands over discounting. Link
  • Rue La La debuts its first exclusive collection on its ecommerce site. Link
  • Versace embeds instant ecommerce in runway show livestream. Link
  • Zulily keeps it simple and masters ecommerce fundamentals over gimmicky marketing tactics. Link
  • Macy’s, Bloomingdales adding same-day delivery. Link
  • Stronger U.S. demand and ecommerce sales boost H&M. Link
  • Target selects 16 brand partners for sustainability push. Link
  • Rebecca Minkoff launches maternity capsule. Link
  • Home Depot’s data breach bigger than Target’s at 56 Million cards compromised. Link

Social Media + Marketing:

  • Ralph Lauren launches creative initiative and campaign ‘Project Warehouse.’ Link
  • How Ikea brings design ideas to life in social. Link
  • Twitter redesigns profiles for iPhone app. Link
  • Facebook is convincing advertisers to spend. Link
  • Puma returns to roots in new campaign. Link
  • A look at Lilly Pulitzer’s social media marketing. Link
  • Pinterest plans to help advertisers track performance; serve ads based on pinned brands. Link
  • YouTube adds real-time analytics with minute-by-minute view counts for videos. Link
  • Facebook now shows real-time events higher in your feed. Link


  • com founder raises new funds for Amazon rival. Link
  • Shippo gets $2M funding for its shipping API for small businesses. Link



  • H&M begins selling online in China. Link
  • Alibaba’s IPO world record. Link
  • WeChat launches mobile payment service. Link


  • Brooks Brothers continues Australian rollout. Link


  • Hudson’s Bay to open first Saks in Canada in Spring 2016. Link
  • Nordstrom joins rush to Canada. Link


  • Click and Collect shoppers predicted to pick up £6.5B of goods by 2019. Link
  • Sweden’s Klarna: With U.S. launch, it’s all about online payment friction. Link


  • Zara sells online in Mexico. Link

Mobile, Tablet, + Wearables:

  • Macy’s to roll out beacon technology to all stores this fall. Link
  • Subway to use Softcard NFC for mobile payments. Link
  • Photos shot with Goolge Glass will now sync with your iPhone immediately. Link
  • Sqaure’s Cash App lets you text or email money for free. Link
  • Apple’s iBeacons are going to transform much more than advertising. Link
  • Three reasons Apple Pay is going to work. Link
  • The big picture on digital receipts. Link
  • Fartfetch launches discover app. Link
  • iPhone’s NFC tech will only work with Apple Pay. Link
  • Oculus announces mobile SDK and platform for developers. Link
  • The best iOS8 features you may not know about. Link
  • Apple sells 10M iPhone 6 and 6 Plus units in launch weekend. Link
  • Why the U.S. lags the world in mobile payments. Link
  • Amazon, Lowe’s and E*Trade embrace iOS8’s Touch ID to reduce mobile commerce friction. Link
  • Beacons land on retailers’ holiday wish lists. Link


  • Whole Foods to test rewards program as competition grows. Link
  • Digital innovation is in the spotlight at London Fashion Week. Link
  • Apple TV is now armed and ready to be the centerpiece for Apple’s smart home takeover plans. Link
  • The slow death of the no-logo movement. Link

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