Banana Republic’s ‘Startup Guy’ Look

Banana Republic is getting buzz this week for its latest look called the ‘Startup Guy.’  I imagine there was a meeting in which they decided that a strategic target market for this collection would be the typical ‘Startup Guy’ and it just sort of stuck.  I know that happens a lot with an internal reference to “the girl” or ” the guy,” but most companies keep those sorts of descriptions within the walls of the office and then try to express it through styling, marketing, photos, etc.  Banana, however, will be very explicit, with head-to-toe looks for the Corporate, Creative, and Startup Guy. So get out there, cuff your pants, un-tuck half of your shirt, roll up your sleeves just a little and get cracking on that start up (that I’ll hopefully be writing about later).

Hey, maybe there’s something to be said about being direct with dudes.

 Banana Republic Startup Guy  Banana Republic StartUp Guy Banana Republic Startup Guy 3

Images from Banana Republic

Some coverage around the web:

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